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Is Infiniti qx60 worth less than 400000 yuan? It depends on the discount

2022-04-29 19:24:01The car said it would go

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The situation of Japanese luxury brand Infiniti in the domestic auto market is quite embarrassing , Recently, the total annual sales volume of the brand is not even as high as that of some Japanese cars in a single month , This is closely related to the lack of Infiniti products and the slow update iteration . When consumers think about this brand , You will find that there are few models to choose , Can buy a car 4S There are also quite few stores , It is also expected that we will be defeated one after another . Fortunately, this marginalized second tier luxury brand , I finally injected fresh blood this year - Dongfeng Infiniti QX60. The car is positioned as medium and large SUV, Price range: 39.98-61.98 Ten thousand yuan , As a high-end model of the brand , Dongfeng Infiniti QX60 Did you show what you should have ? Come with me to see .

appearance , New Infiniti QX60 It continues the modeling design of overseas models , The whole car looks atmospheric 、 Not greasy . The large-size trapezoidal grille with great brand recognition in the front face adopts wavy design inside , Pair with sturdy chrome trim with glittering edges , The aura is self-evident . Long and narrow headlights on both sides are connected to it , A trace of ferocity was faintly revealed , Very attractive . To the side , The body shape is full , Straight lines are full of power , It looks simple 、 Sharp , At a glance “ bosses ” The feeling of . The length, width and height of the vehicle are 5127/2005/1767mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, The data is not prominent in the same level , The good thing is that in terms of creating riding space in the car , There have always been many Japanese car companies “ The magician ”. Look at the rear of the car , The tail lamp is connected with the middle trim strip to form a penetrating visual effect , The whole tail design is simple 、 Capable , Nothing went wrong , But I personally think that the details such as the exhaust port can be further optimized to enhance the sense of advanced .

Come into the car , infiniti QX60 The creation of luxury atmosphere is more prominent , The interior design is not complicated , No fancy elements are included , Very practical , The source of texture is almost all in the material part , A lot of leather 、 Metal trim and solid wood decoration set off a sense of high-grade and heavy , However, the calm style may be a little boring for young people , And the comfort of the seat is not as good as expected “ Big sofa ” The level of . configuration , It's all standard 8 airbag 、 Panoramic skylight can be opened 、 Electric rear compartment 、 The whole car is keyless 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat 、12.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel +12.3 Inch center control screen 、 Voice recognition control system 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade, etc , This class of car , Basic configuration consumers don't have to worry about , some “ Advanced nature ” Configuration also appears on medium and high configuration models .

Dynamic part , infiniti QX60 carrying 2.0T VC-Turbo The engine , The most powerful 252 horsepower , Maximum torque 376 cattle · rice , Matching it is ZF 9AT transmission , Some models are equipped with four-wheel drive system . There is no problem with the daily use of power , But for some consumers who pursue large displacement, the choice provided is too single .

in general , In terms of performance in all aspects , infiniti QX60 It belongs to the kind that can't find big problems , But there are no special products , Just in terms of the current brand influence , There is no absolute advantage in products , When the price is not high but not low , It's hard for consumers in it and the Cadillac it faces XT6 Wait for the right hand to make a decision , Firmly choose this car , And whether there can be little achievement in the later stage , It is closely related to the preferential degree of this car .


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