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Volume comparison between Vue and react

2022-04-29 19:26:27Billion cloud speed

vue and react Volume comparison analysis of

This article introduces in detail “vue and react Volume comparison analysis of ”, Detailed content , The steps are clear , The details are handled properly , Hope this article “vue and react Volume comparison analysis of ” The article can help you solve your doubts , Let's follow Xiaobian's ideas and go deeper slowly , Let's learn new knowledge together .

react The volume of is large ; stay benchmark In the test ,react The volume of the compressed version is almost vue Twice as big ;react Be good at using or dealing with large projects JavaScript Building mobile applications , It's bigger , and vue The use cost of is low , More flexible , It's smaller .

The operating environment of this tutorial :Windows10 System 、react17.0.1 edition 、Dell G3 The computer .

vue and react Which is bigger


React The idea of functional programming , High performance and high efficiency development of front-end interface is realized ,react I'm good at dealing with componentized pages .React The official website of “ Study once , Write everywhere ” This key function , have access to React In the framework of JavaScript Building mobile applications in . stay React in , The rendering function of all components depends on JSX, It is JavaScript Grammar extension of , It's creating UI Components and debugging are very simple and useful .


Vue It's progressive JavaScript frame .“ Progressive framework ” and “ Design of bottom-up incremental development ” yes Vue Two concepts of development .Vue You can use... In any other type of project , Low use cost , More flexible , Weak claims , stay Vue It's also easy to integrate other technologies to develop . characteristic : Easy to use ( Low use cost ), flexible ( Ecosystem improvement , Applicable to projects of any scale ), Efficient ( Small volume , Optimized , Good performance ).

vue and react Which is bigger ?

Vue The core developer provides a benchmark test , It can be seen that Vue The rendering system of React Faster . The test method is 10000 List rendering of items 100 Time .

vue and react Volume comparison analysis of

From a practical point of view , such benchmark It's only about the edge , This is not often done in most applications , So it shouldn't be seen as an important comparison point .

however , Page size is related to all items , This aspect Vue Lead again , Its current version is compressed only after 25.6KB.

React To achieve the same function , You need React DOM(37.4KB) and React with Addon library (11.4KB), total 44.8KB, Almost Vue Twice as big . Double the size doesn't double the function .

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