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Dialogue with Liu Dayong, information director of Jiuyang shares: key elements of enterprise digital intelligence transformation

2022-04-29 19:49:49InfoQ

How to lay out the digital intelligence transformation strategy and successfully implement it ? What ideas, practices and methodologies are worth learning from ? Talk about this issue , He Bingquan, executive director of Zhizhuan Business Research Institute, joined hands with Liu Dayong, information director of Jiuyang Co., Ltd , Starting from Jiuyang's own practice , Jointly discuss the key elements of digital intelligence transformation of enterprises .

The following is part of the dialogue , Share with you .

He Bingquan : From your perspective , What do you think of informatization 、 What's the difference between digital and digital intelligence ?

Liu Dayong :
We can simply understand that informatization is  1.0, Digitization is  2.0, Numerical intellectualization is  3.0.

Informatization is to implement relatively simple business to a certain system through information technology tools . In the information stage , The different business units associated do not have much interaction . If there is interaction , It is also a relatively primary interaction .

Digitization may be more based on the company's business model , From top to bottom, even to our upstream and downstream, it is fully integrated and connected , Including many standards, which can conform to the company's business model and form a unified 、 Push forward .

Digital intellectualization is based on digitization , We are closer to our business , For our consumers , It can empower our business scene at a deeper level . This empowerment mainly involves us through information technology tools , Such as automatic algorithms or models , It can automatically provide more intelligent help for some of our so-called front-end businesses .

The inevitable relationship between the three is through how we collect data , How to make data truly valuable , And let the data realize our automatic intelligence and empowerment .

He Bingquan : What problems does Jiuyang's digital strategy mainly solve ?

Liu Dayong :
In the current uncertain environment , What we can do is digital transformation . Based on digital transformation , I think the main problems we really solve for the company are :

First of all , As the company continues to grow , How can the information system quickly adapt to the development of the company's business model . This is a problem that must be solved through digital transformation .

second , Hope to build a new technology platform through digital transformation , And accelerate the company's business innovation .

Third , From the perspective of digital transformation , We need to promote... Based on new technologies and new business scenarios in the market  IT  Self transformation , And reverse enable each business .

He Bingquan : What is the digital strategy of Jiuyang ? How to match the problems to be solved and the strategy ?

Liu Dayong :
First of all , Determine whether the project objectives can be achieved . The most important thing is to ensure that all levels involved in the whole project of the company —— From the top to the middle and then to the bottom , Even upstream and downstream dealers 、 supplier —— Must understand our company's project strategy , Reach a so-called consensus . That is, everyone at each node should know three things : What are we going to do ? Why do you do this ? What value can it bring to the enterprise ?

second , Promote project implementation through project bidding . During the implementation of the project , We need to work with our internal business colleagues 、 External partners determine what processes and specifications the real business blueprint has ? What kind of details ? For example, when Jiuyang was working on the data medium platform project the year before last , Just making a business blueprint takes months , Spent a lot of time discussing 、 Refine and segment objectives .

Third , Ensure the implementation of the project through specific implementation . In the process of promoting digital transformation , We are based on the business blueprint , Through information technology 、 Each business scenario is a system 、 Business processes and business details are advanced layer by layer 、 Execute landing .

He Bingquan : When demonstrating the feasibility of digital transformation , How to make dealers 、 supplier 、 Upstream and downstream 、 All employees reach a consensus ?

Liu Dayong :
I think the most important thing is our value output , That is, tell them what value it will bring to them to promote digital transformation . Only take into account the interests of relevant partners or stakeholders , This thing is easy to do . In the process of value output , Not too technical , Be sure to make it clear what you can bring to the other party . Upgrade with the same frequency , Use altruism to form co creation .

in addition , In the process of digital transformation , We also need to do a lot of scenario level or user experience level simulation tests according to the actual business needs , With the help of the ability of partners, jointly promote the business landing , Avoid finding differences with the original business blueprint after the business is launched .

He Bingquan : In the process of promoting the implementation of Jiuyang digital strategy , Have you summarized and refined some so-called methodologies , It can be used for reference by other enterprises or enterprises of the same type ?

Liu Dayong :
I just saw the white paper of diamond model released by Zhizhuan commerce two days ago , It summarizes 「 A sky , A picture , A battle 」, I think this coincides with the steps or methodology of Jiuyang to promote digital transformation , That's what I said earlier “ Consensus 、 Create and build together ”, There is depth and height , I think this can really represent the transformation of the company from informatization to digitization , Even want to push the whole process of digital transformation in the future .

He Bingquan :
Combined with Jiuyang digital transformation scene , My understanding is that :

  • One sky is similar to Jiuyang's formation of multi-party cognition and same frequency in the feasibility of early business
  • This picture is similar to Jiuyang drawing a business blueprint for digital transformation
  • A battle is similar to Jiuyang's entire technical team developing system tools 、 Launch products and support business development

He Bingquan : What do you think of these enterprises that are making digital transformation today , Are there any suggestions or messages ?

Liu Dayong :
About enterprise digital transformation , My advice is not to do it before you think about it . After thinking about it , I'd rather spend a lot of time on early communication , The so-called consensus . Based on this premise , I don't think I can do it again .

Similar to when we were in the early stage , We can find excellent partners like Ali , Can create and communicate together , Get some relevant answers . Do it after confirmation , I think it's too late , Because the things to fall behind are relatively simple .

He Bingquan :
well , Thank you very much for your sharing . We also wish that in the context of the whole digital wave , We Jiuyang can constantly embrace change 、 Keep pace with the times , Then it develops better and better in the digital wave , I also hope that your digital transformation will become more and more successful .

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