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Detailed process of spring boot free HTTPS project configuration!

2022-04-29 20:20:56Migrant worker brother

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Prepare to launch the interview project , Because it's an applet that requires you to https, Record the complete process and the pits that have been passed

First step apply SSL certificate

Here's the free one , You can do it according to your own needs .

I chose it Offline generation , The domain name needs to be resolved and verified , Alibaba cloud users can select one click to generate , But you need to provide authorization code , Asia integrity is not recommended and does not support applets !! Only computers are supported !! Don't apply wrong

PS: You need to install a client software he requires , According to the prompt, the domain name resolution will automatically succeed .

If you keep verifying that the load doesn't respond, use 【 One click application 】 Then choose 【 I'm not an Alibaba cloud user 】, It will change from web page verification and parsing to software verification , But seconds passed )


The second step Export certificate

The export method is different for each platform , Let me take mine as an example

1. Export the certificate through this website software




He will automatically download one zip Compressed package :

open iis Of ( No tomcat Folder , Currently, Alibaba cloud, etc SSL Application channels are only for pfx certificate , Use jks The certificate may be changed after expiration, which is troublesome )




The third step Configuration code

  port: 443
    key-store: classpath:aaaaa.pfx
    key-store-password: yourpassword
    keyStoreType: PKCS12

The code is Export certificate Step five The random password , It doesn't matter what you write on the correspondence. There's no requirement !

The file name is also corresponding. There is no requirement !


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