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Web front end: angular project most suitable for beginners in 2022

2022-04-29 20:41:11Guangdong embedded Education

​   By combining HTML and Typescript function ,Angular Projects can easily create single page client applications . If you're new , Engage in some real-time Angular Projects can not only test their skills and limitations , It will also help you make progress in your career .

   Here are some of the best for beginners Angular project , When you explore all kinds of Angular Project time , You will gain more professional knowledge .

  1. Notepad application

   The notepad application is Angular A classic example of a project , Suitable for beginners , You can use NodeJs、Angular CLI And use Node Package Manager The bootstrapper builds it .

   A note taking application is like a digital notebook , You can create and store notes in it . if necessary , You can write down the text in the application and return to the window 、 View when editing or deleting records . Comments are organized according to the date the user last opened them .

  2. Data binding in forms

  Angular The form item is another Angular Homework for beginners , It can help you get familiar with the internal working principle of the architecture . It demonstrates template driven ( Use NgModel) And responsive forms , And how they bind to back-end services . Besides , It also discusses custom validators 、 Various examples of binding to different form controls and accessing submitted data . For all beginners of coding , This is a very simple and easy to understand Angular project .


  3. Angular Bare Bones project

   For beginners , This is an excellent Angular project , It teaches you to Angular Routing as a simple service or with multiple components . Its easy to understand code makes it a favorite project for beginners .

  Angular Bare Bones The project inherits “Hello World” The foundation of the project , And added basic Angular route 、 Multiple components and a simple service . This is a good project , You can learn to understand Angular and TypeScript How many key features can be bundled together , While keeping the code as a whole simple .

  4. Standard chat application

   This is the most basic for beginners Angular One of the project , Every new programmer must try . To achieve this goal , You can apply Angular CLI、RxJS, Use Angular 2 Write injectable services, etc .

   A typical chat application includes 3 Three main models , namely : news 、 Threads and users . These models store individual chat messages 、 Metadata of a set of messages and data of individual users . Besides , There are also specific services to manage the flow of each model .

  5. Angular JumpStart

  Angular JumpStart The project provides a complete application , It shows Angular Many of the key functions provided by the framework .

   Some project functions include :

  TypeScript Classes and modules

   Use System.js Load module

   Define routes , Including sub routes and routes with delayed loading

   Use custom components , Including custom input and output properties

   Use custom instructions

   Use custom pipes

   In components / Defines attributes and usage events in the directive

   take Http Object and the RxJS Observable objects are used together for Ajax call

   Use utilities and service classes ( For example, sorting and Ajax call )

   Use Angular Data binding Syntax []、() and [()]

   Capture and validate data using template driven and responsive form capabilities

   Optional :Webpack The function can be used for module loading, etc

   Optional : Provide advance (AOT) Support


  6. AngularSpree

   This is interesting for beginners Angular One of the project ,AngularSpree Is an e-commerce application . It is based on Angular(7)、Redux and Observables & ImmutableJs Developed AviaCommerce API Plug and play front-end applications .

   Although it is for AviaCommerce The design of the , But you can put angularSpree With any API Interface e-commerce application 、Magento、Opencart and Spreecommerce Use it together .

  AngularSpree It provides a series of excellent standard functions for e-commerce applications , Including reading 、 classification 、 Manage coupons and update product lists .

  7. Storybook

   This is an open source tool , Designed for... Independently Angular、React and Vue structure UI Component .Storybook It's unique , Because it can run outside the application , So that you can develop UI Components . When you build in this way UI When the component , It will improve the reusability and testability of applications , And improve the development speed .

  Storybook Have easy to use API, You can configure it in a few minutes , It can also be extended to meet your dynamic needs . It includes many for component design 、 file 、 Additional functions of testing, etc . Use Storybook, You don't have to worry about application specific dependencies .


   If you want to improve your programming skills , I suggest you do the basic Angular project . In addition to a thorough understanding of the framework , You should also accept TypeScript、npm、HTML、CSS、RxJs And so on .

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