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Openfunction has become a CNCF sandbox project, making it easier for serverless functions and applications to run

2022-04-29 20:47:15Open source China Information

2022 year 4 month 27 Japan , Qingyun technology container team's open source function as a service (FaaS: Function-as-a-Service) project  OpenFunction  Successfully passed the cloud native Computing Foundation CNCF Technical Supervision Committee (TOC) Vote for , Formally enter the CNCF The sandbox (Sandbox) trusteeship . That means OpenFunction Recognized by the cloud native open source community , Simultaneous entry through Sandbox It can further ensure the neutrality of the project , Developers and partners can participate in the project construction , Jointly build a new generation of open source function computing platform .

This is the third entry launched by Qingyun technology container team CNCF The project . As early as 2021 year 7 In June, Qingyun technology will  Fluent Operator  The project is donated to Fluent Communities become CNCF subprojects , Greatly reduced Fluent Bit and Fluentd User's use threshold ; Same year 11 month , Load balancer plug-in  OpenELB  Join in CNCF Sandbox, Help the privatized environment more easily expose Services .

At present, it can be in  CNCF Landscape Of Serverless Block Find OpenFunction project .

Project introduction

OpenFunction Is a modern function, that is, service (FaaS: Function-as-a-Service) project , It can help developers focus on their business logic , Without worrying about the underlying operating environment and infrastructure . Users only need to submit a piece of code , You can generate event driven 、 Dynamically scalable Serverless The workload .

OpenFunction Introduced many excellent open source technology stacks , Include Knative、Tekton、Shipwright、Dapr、KEDA etc. , These technology stacks provide unlimited possibilities for building a new generation of open source function computing platform :

  • Shipwright In the process of function construction, users can freely choose and switch the tools of image construction , And abstract it , Provides a unified API;
  • Knative Provides excellent synchronization function runtime , It has strong automatic scaling ability ;
  • KEDA You can scale automatically based on more types of metrics , More flexible ;
  • Dapr The general capabilities of different applications can be abstracted , Reduce the workload of developing distributed applications .

As can be seen from the architecture diagram ,OpenFunction Contains 4 Core components :

  • Function : Users interact with functions ( Addition, deletion, modification and query of functions ) The only access , Contains the function Build and Serving Define all stages of ;
  • Build : The user to create Function after ,Function Generate corresponding Builder, You don't have to create it manually . Builder adopt Shipwright Choose different image building tools Cloud Native Buildpacks, buildah, BuildKit, Kaniko, And in Tekton Build the application as a container image under the control of ;
  • Serving : The user to create Function after ,Function Generate corresponding Serving, You don't have to create it manually .Serving CRD After creation , Functions will be deployed to different runtimes , You can choose whether to run synchronously or asynchronously . The synchronization runtime can be run through Knative Serving perhaps KEDA-HTTP ( In development ) To support , Asynchronous runtime through Dapr+KEDA To support .
  • Events : For event driven functions , Need to provide event management capabilities . because Knative Eventing Too complicated , So we have developed a new event management framework called  OpenFunction Events.

at present OpenFunction It has been officially released 0.6.0 edition , Compared with the previous version , Added many noteworthy features , Including function plug-ins 、 Distributed tracing of functions 、 Control auto zoom 、HTTP Functions trigger asynchronous functions, etc . meanwhile , The asynchronous runtime definition has also been refactored . The core API Also from  v1alpha1  Upgrade to  v1beta1. It is worth mentioning that ,OpenFunction The team also works with  Apache SkyWalking  Community cooperation , Added FaaS Platform support for function observability , Now you can go directly to SkyWalking UI Visualizing... Through charts on Serverless Function dependencies and trace function calls .

For details, please refer to this article :OpenFunction 0.6.0 Release : FaaS Observability 、HTTP Synchronization function capability enhancement and more features .

About OpenFunction For practical use cases, please refer to the following two articles :

Community ecology

OpenFunction since 2020 year 12 Open source and submitted the first commit, To 2021 year 5 The first Release, It was released in just over a year 6 Big version , attracted  24  individual Contributors and  480+ GitHub Stars, And it's been Yushi technology China Unicom Full image low code platform And so on 、 The organization and platform adopt . Up to now, the enterprises and organizations participating in the contribution have :KubeSphere Yushi technology Apache SkyWalkingSAP China Unicom It's like a cloud , I would like to thank every community partner who participated in and contributed to OpenFunction Support and help , At the same time, more developers and users are welcome to participate in the experience and contribution OpenFunction.

besides ,OpenFunction The team was also invited to attend some regular meetings of upstream communities and introduced OpenFunction Project and its typical use cases , Include  CNCF Of TAG-runtime meeting and  Dapr Community meetings . especially Dapr The community is right OpenFunction Favor has plus ,Dapr The co founders are very optimistic about the development prospect of the project , Interested students can watch the video to learn more about .OpenFunction The community is also working with Dapr Community and Quarkus Community cooperation to achieve Java Code compiled as Native The program is in Quarkus Running in the environment , Can greatly reduce Java The program takes up resources and greatly improves performance . Next ,OpenFunction Project sponsor Huo Bingjie will also be in 5 month 10 Day Apache SkyWalking The summit introduced its relationship with Apache SkyWalking Joint scheme in the field of function observability .

The future planning

Thanks to the CNCF Provide open source and neutral endorsement for the project ,OpenFunction It will also really become a by 100% Community driven open source projects . Next ,OpenFunction The following functions will be developed and implemented , Welcome to submit needs and feedback to the community :

  • Asynchronous function frameworks that support more languages include Nodejs, Python, Java and .NET;
  • Support will Java The function is compiled to Native The program runs in Quarkus Environment ;
  • Use KEDA Of http-add-on As Knative Serving Another option for synchronization function runtime ;
  • Support OpenTelemetry Ecology as SkyWalking Another function other than Tracing The plan ;
  • increase OpenFunction Console ;
  • Realization Serverless workflow ;
  • Better support for functions running on the edge ;
  • The pre research is based on Pool Cold start optimization scheme ;
  • Use WebAssembly As a lighter runtime , combination Rust Function to accelerate the cold start speed .

Continuous open source

future KubeSphere The team will continue to open source 、 The idea of openness , Continue to act as OpenFunction One of the participants in the project , Promote the ecological construction of domestic and international open source organizations , take OpenFunction The community is cultivated into an open and neutral open source community and ecology , In depth cooperation with more function computing platforms and upstream and downstream ecological partners , Welcome to pay attention 、 Use OpenFunction And participating in community contributions .

The last attached OpenFunction Project heavyweight participants and followers are right OpenFunction The message of :

Wu Sheng

Apache SkyWalking founder

I'm glad and excited to see OpenFunction Successfully join CNCF, As a young project for only more than a year , This is a project from prototype to stability , Important milestones in diversity and maturity . As Apache SkyWalking A member of the , I had the honor to participate in SkyWalking v9 In the process of iteration OpenFunction Integration of . to open up , equality , Neutral open source cooperation model , Very impressive . Both of us will be in Serverless On the observability of , Close and in-depth cooperation , Including more language integration , Log integration , Platform performance integration and so on . Congratulations on OpenFunction Successfully joined sandbox incubation , Looking forward to the project to a higher level .Enjoy your CNCF journey.

Zhang Haili

R & D director of Yushi technology cloud platform

Yushi technology UISEE It is a leading automatic driving company in China ,OpenFunction Helped us find a way based on FaaS / Serverless Rapid customization of business services , We have used it to solve the problem of cross public and private cloud 、 Aiming at the data processing and disk dropping problems of different storage middleware ( See   This case ). We look forward to more community partners participating in OpenFunction In the functional construction of , Explore more application scenarios together , Improve R & D Efficiency !

Zhang Shanyou

Shenzhen youhaoda Technology Co., Ltd CTO

OpenFunction Join in CNCF It's an extra surprise for me . It was the last month that I became OpenFunction Contributors , I recently 2 Years of practice Dapr Practical project experience , Let me believe that based on Dapr Of OpenFunction Is a very promising FaaS project . I am now in charge of the construction OpenFunction Of .NET Support framework development , We look forward to more community partners participating in OpenFunction Function construction of .

Cai Lize

SAP, OpenFunction Early users

I've focused on... Since last year OpenFunction, At that time, it was attracted by its technical selection , Very cutting edge , It reminds me of many possibilities . Since then, I have been paying attention to the technical trend of the project and community development , And participation and contribution . An excellent project is inseparable from the support of the community ,OpenFunction Our maintainers are very professional and enthusiastic . Excellent technical design plus professional community , I Believe OpenFunction It will shine in the field of cloud origin .


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