current position:Home>"Element Fangjian" launched in all channels today, linked with the cartoon of "journey to the west" to create a "phenomenal" meat pigeon!

"Element Fangjian" launched in all channels today, linked with the cartoon of "journey to the west" to create a "phenomenal" meat pigeon!

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   Westbound Adventure , Meet new surprises !Q ' Roguelike Strategy adventure hand tour 《 Element square tip 》, Today, (4 month 29 Japan ) The omni channel launch was officially launched ! As a collection strategy + The card + Explore + Random Dungeon maze Roguelike Mobile Games , You will incarnate as 「 Brave man 」, Starting from the town of elflan , Explore the dangerous underground world . And this one won 22 Time “App Store Edit recommended games ”、 Continue to be shortlisted “TapTap Edit recommended games ”, Of “ Pigeon ” Mobile Games , It will also be launched in all channels today , Bring you more new surprises !

  【 Surprise one 】《 Westbound 》 Cartoon linkage officially opened , linkage PV Launch Online

   Strange world magic adventure collides with Oriental magic legend , What wonderful “ chemical reaction ”? This time 《 Element square tip 》 With famous comics IP《 Westbound 》 Cross dimensional linkage , Gave us the final answer to all this . Magic and magic 、 Adventure and growth are intertwined and complementary , It's like opening “ The new world ” The gate is general , Let the brave adults surprise again and again . In this linkage ,《 Westbound 》 The cartoon has “ Top current ” The popular Monkey King , The first male hero in the incarnation element world is 《 Element square tip 》 appearances , Let this new adventure be full of the unique charm of Oriental magic .

   Today, , What has attracted much attention 《 Element square tip 》×《 Westbound 》 Comic linkage PV, And finally meet the brave adults .“ The mighty Monkey King , I can't get rid of the fate of being manipulated by the gods . A flame intrudes from the crack of time and space , Coming to the elemental continent .” This linkage PV, Through their own unique art style , While performing a story about the acquaintance of Sun Wukong and Nini for us , It also explains why he came into the world of elements . that , The monkey king will be on an adventurous journey , How to find your dusty memory ? The answers to all puzzles will be revealed in the game !

  【 Surprise two 】EFun The issue returns to the original heart exclusive SP Heroes appear today !

  《 Element square tip 》 It can be launched in all channels today , Return to the public view again , Behind its success, in addition to the game R & D team, Chiyou GAME, And new partners who have recently acquired the rights of game distribution and operation ——EFun The Internet is inseparable ! In order for players to enjoy the purest meat pigeon , In order to live up to the faith of many meat pigeon game lovers , The two teams work together , On the basis of returning to the original heart, more and richer game playing methods are added , Let the quality of this game reach a new peak !

   In order to let the brave adults feel the full sincerity from the game for the first time , Today's new online 《 Element square tip 》 Original heart version , What's more, it brings you —— exclusive SP The warriors “ A beginner ” Sharon · Dawn ! The nun who shows herself as a mature and stable sister , It's the beginning of the player's adventure , The most reliable help , And it's almost “ Click to send ” The ultra-low starting threshold , It's enough for the dungeon exploration to be unimpeded !

  【 Surprise three 】 The first event was launched across the board , Color crystal 、 Letters of introduction and other benefits are available all the time !

  EFun The issue returns to the original heart , Get soft start benefits ! As a once swept “App Store Edit recommended games ”、“TapTap Edit recommended games ” And many other award-winning games ,《 Element square tip 》 Since its inception, it has gained a large number of rougelike Favorite and sought after by game lovers . In order to give back your support and recognition for the game , The game will start , I offer you full starting benefits !

   Activity period , Players only need to be in 《 Element square tip 》taptap、bilibili、 Microblogging and wechat public platforms , Participate in official we media activities , You have a chance to win Jingdong card 、 Around the game 、 Colorful crystal, exclusive gift bag and other rich benefits ; For game “ old hand ” children , Or in the official Community app【 Easy play club 】 And participate in Official Strategy collection activities on major we media platforms , Win JD card 、 Massive colorful crystals and other benefits ! meanwhile ,《 Element square tip 》 It will also be launched in all channels of the game , Join hands with tiger teeth live broadcast platform to open “ Anchor recruitment order ” Activities , When the , Whether watching or participating in live activities , Will have the opportunity to win a large number of gifts !

  【 Surprise four 】 Top stream anchor join hands Live feast waiting for you to taste !

   Popular anchor join , The road of adventure is not alone ! stay 《 Element square tip 》 When the omni channel launch goes online , Betta comes from 、 Top stream anchors of tiger teeth , It will also be broadcast live together today , For the majority of games “ enthusiasts ” People , Present a hearty live broadcast feast ! For players who like stand-alone games , Have “ Fighting fish NO.1 Sound quality ” The so-called fish fighting anchor Yinzi , I'm sure I won't feel strange . Tonight? , The top anchor , I will make an appointment with you in my live studio to go to “ Aifran ” Mainland adventure , Fans, don't miss .

   Except Yinzi , Tiger tooth popular anchor meatball will also incarnate “ The most beautiful producer ”, Show up tonight “ Planning face to face ” Activities ! This has a pure face 、 A cute girl with a devil like figure , Not only will it bring first-hand game content to the brave adults in the live studio , We will also present Jingdong card to you during the live broadcast 、 cash 、 Custom gift bag 、 Exquisite games, peripherals and many other benefits , Just wait for the brave adults to win !~

  ‘” The strongest meat pigeon ”《 Element square tip 》 Will play in a more interesting way 、 A more humane mechanism , Bring players a new look “ Pigeon ” Gaming experience ! Today, (4 month 29 Japan ),Q ' Roguelike Strategy adventure hand tour 《 Element square tip 》 The omni channel launch was officially launched , Brave man , Please embark on aifran and start a new journey , The experience is simpler 、 Pure “ Pigeon ” Have fun !

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