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Is your endurance anxiety saved? 10 minute full electric vehicle technology is mature, netizen: it's useless to find a charging pile

2022-05-15 03:39:4436kr

To treat the endurance anxiety of electric vehicle owners “ prescription ” coming .

According to CCTV financial report , With charge Electric pile Fast iteration of technology , Now , In terms of charging piles , It only needs 10 One machine with a capacity of... Can be filled in about minutes 100KWh The technology of electric vehicles has matured , And in the process of gradually landing .

picture source : Screenshot of CCTV financial report

For the upcoming fast charging technology , Many netizens are full of expectations , They left messages saying :“ Buy an electric car tomorrow .”

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in fact , At present, the power of mainstream fast charging pile is 120KW, It is filled with a battery with a capacity of 100KWh Pure electric vehicle , It's usually time consuming 40 Minutes to 60 Between minutes . If you drive a long distance and encounter a peak passenger flow, you need to queue up to charge , It is easy to wait too long for charging , This is also the main reason why many electric vehicle owners are deterred from driving electric vehicles for long-distance travel .

and “10 Minute fast charging technology ” The core of is to improve the charging power of the charging pile . Fan Feng, deputy chief engineer of a charging pile manufacturer in Shenzhen, said in an interview with CCTV finance and economics :“ At present, the latest technology can do 600KW, On the premise that the battery allows such a large charging power ,5~10 You can fill an electric car in minutes .”

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in fact , High pressure fast charging technology is not a new concept for the rim .2019 year , Porsche Taycan For the first time in the world 800V High voltage electrical architecture , carrying 800V DC fast charging system and support 350KW High power fast charging . Get into 2021 After year , High voltage fast charging line has become the focus of many main engine manufacturers all over the world “ The bestselling ”, Modern Kia 、 audi 、 Maserati and other international giants have successively released 800V Quick charge technology , BYD 、 The Great Wall 、 GAC 、 Xiaopeng and other domestic auto enterprises have also launched push 800V Quick charge scheme .

picture source : Screenshot of Porsche official website

5 month 7 The extreme fox alpha, which went on sale on the th S Huawei HI edition 、 Coming on the market Xiao peng car new SUV G9 And the first model of salon automobile owned by great wall, mecha dragon, support 800V High pressure fast charging technology . Jihu automobile said , alpha S new HI Version adopted 800V High voltage mass production vehicle platform , The charging power is the highest 187KW,10 Minutes to replenish nearly 200km Range of , Electricity comes from 30% Fill to 80% Only 15 minute .

picture source : The enterprise provides pictures

“ And increasing battery capacity , Significantly increase the cost and weight of electric vehicles compared to , High voltage fast charging can not only solve the problem of slow charging and mileage anxiety , It can also reduce the cost of the whole vehicle . On the premise that the high-voltage and high-power charging infrastructure can be matched , Charge 5 Minutes before 500km, It can meet the needs of users for rapid energy replenishment .” Peng Peng, vice president of intelligent electric product line of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said in a media interview earlier .

According to Anxin securities ,2021~2025 year , The sales volume of domestic high-voltage platform models is about 7、31、73、148、300 Thousands of cars .2022~2025 year , The year-on-year growth rate of high-voltage platform vehicles was 335.4%、137.7%、101.8%、102.3%.

Although the high-pressure fast charging technology is gradually popularized , However, at present, there is still much room for improvement in the overall number and distribution of charging piles for new energy vehicles in China . Some netizens also raised their own questions about the high-voltage fast charging technology :“ Even if the charging speed is so fast , The number of charging piles can't keep up with the same ‘ No use ’.”

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According to the statistics of China electric vehicle charging infrastructure Promotion Alliance , By 2022 year 4 month , The number of charging infrastructure in China is 310.9 Ten thousand units , One of the public charging posts 123.2 Ten thousand units , Private charging point 187.7 Ten thousand units .

As a reference , The data released by the Ministry of public security shows , By 2022 year 3 End of month , The number of new energy vehicles in China is 891.5 Thousands of cars . This also means that the current vehicle pile ratio in China is roughly 2.87:1, distance 《 Electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide (2015-2020)》 Planned vehicle pile ratio 1:1 There is still a big gap in the goal .

picture source : China charging Alliance

in fact , Want to be what netizens want , Large scale promotion 800V Fast charging technology is not easy , Among them, cost and reconstruction of existing facilities are the primary problems to be solved . With the current 400V Compared with the charging platform ,800V The high-voltage platform needs to re charge the charging gun at the pile end 、 Line 、 DC contactor and fuse shall be selected , High voltage batteries are also required at the vehicle end 、BMS( Battery management system )、 Electric drive 、OBC( Car charger )、PTC( Electric heater )、 Air conditioner 、 Re type selection of high voltage connector, etc .

“ Middle end and above models are more suitable 800V High power charging , Low end cars are limited due to travel scenarios 、 More sensitive to cost 、 Small battery capacity and other factors , Not suitable for the implementation of 800V High power charging .” Liang Xiangfei, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wancheng Wanchong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd .

meanwhile , Similar to the technical route of power exchange ,800V High voltage fast charging also faces the problem of unified standards . At present, there are... DC charging technologies for electric vehicles widely accepted in the world 3 A system ,4 Kind of interface : Japan CHAdeMO Charging system and interface , National standard GB/T Charging system and interface , Europe and the United States CCS Charging system and American CCS1 And the European CCS2 Interface . If you want to develop the next generation technology route , The unification of standards is imperative .

Besides , The power grid side also faces the problem of transformation . At present, the power of public DC charging pile is mostly 30~60KW, even so , When charging multiple vehicles at the same time , May reach the upper limit of grid capacity threshold , The owner's reflection “ When multiple vehicles are charged at the same time, the charging time becomes longer ” That's what happened . therefore , If you want to promote it on a large scale in the future 800V High voltage charging technology , The problem of power grid capacity increase must be taken into account .

picture source : Each by the reporters Li Shuo taken

“ In accordance with the plan , To 2025 In, the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 2000~2500 Ten thousand cars . hypothesis 10% Your vehicle is fast charged at the same time , The requirements for the power grid will be very high .” Tong zongqi, director of the Information Department of China electric vehicle charging infrastructure promotion alliance, said .

“ We hope relevant departments can establish incentive policies , Increase the development of advanced technology for high-pressure fast charging 、 Support for domestic application of core devices . Gradually ripen the industrial chain , Solve the increasingly serious problem of supply security . meanwhile , Speed up and improve the construction of standard system on and off high-power, high-voltage and fast charging vehicles .” For future high-pressure fast charging , Peng Peng suggested .

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