axios Request interceptor , That is, execute the custom function before the request is sent .

axios Source version - ^0.27.2 ( The source code is a simplified version )

In business, we usually write request interceptors like this , The code is as follows :

//  Create a new instance 
var service = axios.create(); // Request interceptor
service.interceptors.request.use((config) => {
// Ask for the head to add token
config.headers['token'] = 'xxx';
... ... ... return config;
}, (err) => {
return Promise.reject(err);

among service.interceptors.request.use The method worked , Its core source code is as follows :

/* axios/core/Axios.js */
// Axios Constructors
function Axios(defaultConfig) {
this.defaults = defaultConfig;
this.interceptors = {
request: new InterceptorManager(),
response: new InterceptorManager()
} /* axios/core/InterceptorManager.js */
// InterceptorManager Constructors
function InterceptorManager() {
// Default empty array
this.handlers= [];
} // InterceptorManager It's a prototype use Method ( In the above business use Method , In fact, this method is called )
InterceptorManager.prototype.use = function(fulfilled, rejected) {
// Array push A callback containing a successful callback 、 Failed callback object
fulfilled: fulfilled,
rejected: rejected
}); // Return array length - 1
return this.handlers.length - 1;
} // InterceptorManager It's a prototype eject Method
InterceptorManager.prototype.eject = function(id) {
if (this.handlers[id]) {
this.handlers[id] = null;
} // InterceptorManager It's a prototype forEach Method
InterceptorManager.prototype.forEach = function(fn) {
utils.forEach(this.handlers, function(h) {
if (h !== null) {

service.interceptors.request.use It turned out to be to handlers Array push An object , Printable information viewing , The code is as follows :

// give the result as follows
fulfilled: (config) => {...},
rejedcted: (err) => {...}

that , When sending a request , How the request interceptor works , The code is as follows :

Axios.prototype.request = function(defaultConfigOrUrl, config) {
... ... ... var requestInterceptorChain = [];
this.interceptors.request.forEach(function (interceptor) {
// The of this instance will be this.this.interceptors.request.handlers Put in requestChain
requestInterceptorChain.unshift(interceptor.fulfilled, interceptor.rejected);
}); var promise; // dispatchRequest Is the request process
var chain = [dispatchRequest, undefined];
Array.prototype.unshift.apply(chain, requestInterceptorChain); promise = Promise.resolve(config);
while (chain.length) {
// call chaining , Keep reducing chain Length of array , Until empty
promise = promise.then(chain.shift(), chain.shift());
} return promise; ... ... ...

That's why axios Is based on promise Of , Request interceptor --> request --> Response interceptors .

Cancel the interceptor

Cancel the interceptor function , The author thinks it has little effect , The code is as follows :

var requestNumber = service.interceptors.request.use(fulfilled, rejected);

//  Cancel request interceptor 

Multiple request interceptors

It mainly talks about the execution sequence of multiple request interceptors , The code is as follows :

//  The first request interceptor 
service.interceptors.request.use(fulfilled1, rejected1); // The second request interceptor
service.interceptors.request.use(fulfilled2, rejected2); // The third request interceptor
service.interceptors.request.use(fulfilled3, rejected3); // Based on the above Axios.prototype.request Method , You can know handlers Array :[fulfilled3, rejected3, fulfilled2, rejected2, fulfilled1, rejected1] // So the execution sequence :fulfilled3 --> fulfilled2 --> fulfilled1

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