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The spring of Huidong white potted pearl is a restless dream

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Days :3 God Time :5 month Per capita :300 element with whom : Parents and children

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A dream about spring

With the wind in May, I began to wake up in Baipenzhu

After a year of spring, summer, autumn and winter, colorful colors

It fills every corner here again, and the earth becomes


ad locum , You will see

Blue days 、 Clear water 、 Green grass

The quiet flowing river

Silently reflect the blue sky and white clouds

The mountain 、 The grass 、 Tea garden 、 lakes 、 Temple ......

Self absorbed silence and tranquility

This is Baipenzhu town

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function

Naturally, there is no lack of Baipenzhu reservoir

As the fourth largest reservoir in Guangdong Province

Baipenzhu reservoir is the source of Xizhi River

with 40 Square kilometers of reservoir area

Born by water, Baipenzhu Buxin village is located beside the reservoir

Every dry season, there is such a seasonal grassland

The flood season will be covered again

Form a unique reservoir grassland scenery

Here spring , Never monotonous

The scenery is slowly setting off a colorful dream

Three months on earth

Take advantage of the sunshine , Take advantage of the breeze

Climb over one mountain after another

Across one river after another

To find a dream that belongs to spring


Please contact me if you like !

Address : Fuzhen village, Baipenzhu Town, Huidong County, Huizhou City

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