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Cloudflare, DeNO and node JS tripartite cooperation to improve JS interoperability

2022-05-15 05:29:33Open source China Information

Cloudflare announce Is working with Deno(Deno The developer behind the runtime ) as well as Node.js Technical Steering Committee cooperation , They will work together to create and enable developers to Deno、Node.js and Cloudflare Of Serverless Application platform (Cloudflare Workers) Standards for writing code between . This work will allow applications to Cloudflare Workers、Deno and Node.js Transfer between , Without having to rewrite , This is something that cannot be done for the time being .

Cloudflare Co founder and CEO Matthew Prince Express :

Millions of developers use JavaScript, This is usually the first language they learn . up to now ,JavaScript The standard is completely focused on the front end . By focusing on the core JavaScript API Standardize , Consider both front-end and back-end , We can give front-end developers more access to the back-end in a familiar way .

Node.js Based on the Google Open source V8 JavaScript On the engine , Unified network application development around a single programming language , Allow developers to run scripts on the server side , Generate dynamic web content before the page is sent to the user's web browser . Even though Node.js It has developed for more than ten years , But it still lacks interoperability . Developers have to rely on some knowledge and build tools , In different JavaScript Share code in the environment .

Cloudflare、Deno And from the Node.js Part of the Technical Steering Committee Node.js Contributors will develop based on API Interoperability standards , And use it as W3C its Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group Part of . They will work together to make cross runtime JavaScript Tools and integration can be used more easily , Eliminate platform specific differences , And allow applications to evolve and change over time without rewriting .

So in addition to announcing cooperation ,Cloudflare It was also announced that Apache 2.0 Open source under the agreement Cloudflare Workers Runtime .

When adopting any new development platform , There are two things that make developers hesitate . First of all : They're worried about being locked , No matter how much you value this technology , If you bet your company's future on a single development platform , You don't want to be limited . second : As a developer , You want a local development environment to quickly iterate and test your changes . to open up Workers The runtime source code solves these two problems , It provides developers with a standard that can run anywhere , This means that you can run in any managed environment , They can also perform rapid tests and iterations on their local machines .

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