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Educoder web programming foundation autumn 2021 - overview of web front end development

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The first 1 Turn off :Web Front end development related concepts

1、 All browsers on the same CSS The parsing of styles is the same , Therefore, the display effect of the page in different browsers is exactly the same .
B、 wrong

2、URL( english Uniform Resource Locator Abbreviation ) Chinese translated into “ Uniform resource locator ”.URL In fact, that is Web Address , Be commonly called “ website ”.
A、 Yes

3、HTTP” It is a rule that specifies the communication between the browser and the world wide web server .
A、 Yes

4、3、 In the following options ,( ) No Web browser

5、 Classmate Zhang is visiting Sina home page through dial-up Internet at home , here , His own computer is ( ).
B、 browser

The first 2 Turn off :Web Front end development related technologies

Web Front end development related technologies
Our mission : Create the first page .

Related knowledge
In order to complete this mission , You need to master :1.Web Front end development related technologies ,2.Web Front end development tools .

Basic application technology
HTML yes Internet The basic language used to design web pages on . It's a kind of markup language , For text in web pages 、 picture 、 Voice and so on , Tell the browser how or structure to display web content .

CSS Called cascading style sheets ,“ Cascading ” It means when HTML Multiple style files are referenced in , And when styles conflict , Browsers can deal with things in a cascading order .CSS Make up for HTML Lack of web page formatting , It not only provides richer display effects for web page elements , It can also realize the function of web page layout and typesetting positioning .

JavaScript Is a scripting language , It and HTML combination , Make the relationship between users and web page elements not just browsing and display , It's about real-time 、 dynamic 、 Interactive page functions .

Web Front end development tools
HTML Is a tag language , The tag language code exists in the form of text . therefore , All Notepad tools can be used as its development environment .HTML The extension of the file is .html or .htm. Save the prepared document as .html or .htm file , You can preview the effect in the browser .

Notepad Refers to a code editor or Windows Medium “ Notepad ” Program . It's open source 、 small 、 Free plain text editor , It is recommended for beginners to use , To increase the coding experience , Enhance understanding and memory of code .

Textpad It's a powerful alternative Notepad Text editor for , The size of the edit file is limited only by the size of the virtual memory . Support Unicode code , You can compile 、 Run simple Java Program .

Dreamweaver Is the U.S. Adobe The WYSIWYG web editor developed by the company integrates web page production and website management , Using it, you can easily create dynamic web pages that cross platform restrictions and browser restrictions .

HTML Document structure
complete HTML The file includes two parts: header and body . The code example is as follows :
HTML Document structure
among :

Document type description :
Start and end tags of the document :

...... Start and end tags of the document header : ...... Start and end tags of the document body : ...... Start and end tags of web page title : ...... Start and end labels of the first level subtitle :


Align Attribute :align Property is used to set the alignment of the title , Its value can be left、center、right、justify. Programming requirements Follow the example above , In the editor on the right Begin - End Supplement code in the area , The specific requirement is : 1. Add page title settings between , The title text is “ My first web page ”; 2. Add the setting of one level sub title between , The subtitle text is “ First time to know HTML”,

Labeled align Property value is set to left justified .

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- ********* Begin ********* -->
  <meta charset="utf-8"/>
  <title> My first web page </title>
  <h1 align="left"> First time to know HTML</h1>
<!-- ********* End ********* -->

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