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Summary of amap scheme of Gaode map used in vue3 + TS project

2022-05-15 02:06:42Wooden house x

About vue3+ts Gaode map is used in the project AMap Summary of the plan

Requirements describe :
  • lately vue Gaode map needs to be used in the project api, Share it here AMap stay vue3+ts Use in projects .
Solution :
  • Gaode map is now widely used in the field of development , He has many advantages. You can go online to learn about , Now it also competes with Baidu map and Tencent map as an Amoy application , Therefore, the height map is widely used in Amoy system , For our developers, it's right to rest assured .

  • But what? , Due to the use of ts As a result, when we use it in the project, we need to configure some things by ourselves , As follows :

  • 1. stay index.html Add the following to the file :( here key Make your own way to Gaode official website apply )

        <script type="text/javascript" src="

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