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Build an electron project based on Vue from scratch

2022-05-15 02:07:38Wooden house x

Build from scratch based on vue Of electron project

1. Demand background
  • Recently, we are working for electron Prepare for new projects , This article will show you how to build from scratch vue Of electron Project steps .
2. Solution
  • 1. take Vue introduce Electron The two schemes commonly used in the project are vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder and electron-vue. In terms of downloads , The download volume of the former is that of the latter 2-3 About times , And from the feedback of many developers, the former has less pit points than the latter , Another important reason is vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder The team is updated in a timely manner , and electron-vue Almost in a stop state , So this tutorial I choose is vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder plug-in unit .
  • 2. The steps of creating are as follows :

// 1. Global installation vue-cli:
npm install -g @vue/cli
// 2. establish vue project ( Pay attention to the choice vue2 perhaps vue3 Fine , Safe choice vue2):
vue create my-electron
// 3. After creating the project, enter the project to install the plug-in ( Notice that it's not npm):
cd my-electron
vue add vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder
// 4. Run the project ( After waiting for a moment, a pop-up window will appear ):
npm run electron:serve
// 5. Packaging project (dist_electron Catalog ):
npm run electron:build

  • 3. At this point, the project is created successfully , Later, it can be developed according to the specific business
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