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Vue's solution to the compatibility of hevc encoded video in each end browser

2022-05-15 02:08:08Wooden house x

About hevc The solution to the compatibility problem of encoded video in each end browser

1. Background description
  • Recently, I encountered a video compatibility problem in development , The same is MP4 Video format , However, their different coding methods may lead to abnormal playback , The root cause is that the coding method is different , Then you need the corresponding decoding method when playing , Like a lock , Always need a key to unlock it . The coding format mentioned above is HEVC Format , And even in windows10 The video player can't play normally , Unless you install a special plug-in ( This plug-in is for a fee ).

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  • About HEVC An introduction to the : HEVC yes High Efficiency Video Coding Abbreviation , Is a new video compression standard , Used to extend H.264/AVC coding standard ,2013 year 1 month 26 Number ,HEVC Officially become an international standard . HEVC Protocol standards that can be considered to be popular soon , Because it doesn't matter 3D Blu ray player or some other streaming media player , It is in urgent need of a new codec , To play 4K The power of content . It is very gratifying that HEVC The whole framework of the protocol standard has been determined , It will be AVC standard 2 to 4 Times the complexity , More than double the compression efficiency .

  • HEVC With the most commonly used AVC The difference between : Their differences are minimal , At least the main performance is similar , Both of them can make the picture actually encoded bigger , For instance from 2K To 4K、 from 4K To 8K

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