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Introduction to HTML + CSS Basics

2022-05-15 03:07:12Lu Rongtao

hello , Hello, guys ! Nowadays, the salary of the Internet industry is indeed higher than that of the traditional industry , And in many internet jobs , Front end engineer is one of the hottest positions in the Internet industry ! Very popular with small partners in the Internet industry Favor . Why is that ?

Because of , Getting started with front-end technology is relatively simple , The learning curve is smooth , But technology has great potential , Wide range of employment , The salary level is also higher . from BAT Old brands, big factories, Kwai, etc , Then to small and medium-sized enterprises , Front end engineers are just in need . therefore , Many small partners joined the ranks of front-end Engineers ! But the problem is

I want to be a preschool student, but I don't know how to start ? Open the relevant books and have a look , It's all the principles of large sections. I'm not interested ? I searched many tutorials on the Internet , The principle says a lot , Write a pile of code , I'm still wordy , I started fishing for three days and drying nets for two days , Incarnate as a first-class performer of the national retreat drum ? That is Xiaobai , How to get started with front-end development quickly ?

I'll bring you this new version of the front-end basic introductory course specially created for Xiaobai . Or a beautiful teacher !

HTMLCSS Basic introduction teaching

This course will subvert your understanding of traditional front-end tutorials , Abandon the traditional tutorial cramming classroom teaching method , Explain the principle with the most intuitive animation effect , Consolidate knowledge with the most real cases . This new teaching method will make your learning process clear 、 Simple . Start with the basics , The teacher is to take you step by step to complete the learning of basic knowledge points , No nonsense, no repetition , Hit the pain point , Direct output of dry goods .

In line with the principle of letting Xiaobai understand and learn directly . Mr. Xixia disassembled the complex front-end problems very carefully , Let you see the simplest way of knowledge . Combined with many years of development and teaching experience , Sort out the front-end knowledge points systematically , Combined with practical cases , To explain + In the form of animation , Make you real —— See and learn .

Mr. xixiya also carefully analyzed Xiaobai's daily learning habits , Thinking habits , Knowledge background . Even made a prediction for every place where Xiaobai may have questions . Each case is carefully polished , Strive to be simple and typical , Leave all the pain to yourself , Take the simple away from you .

Whether you know the front-end work or not , As long as you have the heart to learn from the front , Open this video , Then you have a chance to be a front-end Engineer .

therefore , friends , Welcome to the ranks of front-end Engineers !

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