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I built a front-end mock tool

2022-05-15 05:04:01Bastard

Having nothing to do, I built a browser plug-in to solve the front end Mock problem .

Official website address

The pain at the front

One day leader Ask us xxx How is the demand progress ?

Back end : Interface completion , It's almost front-end joint commissioning

front end : you ... I ...( Beep ~~)

the second day The front end works overtime for joint commissioning , Want to self test the front-end performance of different interface data

front end : The back end is greatly , Which account has more data , I want to test paging ; Which data can trigger the form , I want to test the form , I also want to test the weak network environment ...

Back end : The data is not easy to make , Wait for the test students

front end : I ...

On the third day QA Intervention test

QA:FE bug Too much , Seriously blocking the test work

front end : I ...

The story is false , It's true . The front end does face some problems : Whether the interface definition is agreed in advance 、 The lack of mock The efficiency of joint commissioning and testing is extremely low

Mock The meaning of

Mock What it means for the front end : Make numbers .
No database 、 Long service link , Making numbers is difficult for the front end .

common Mock programme

Mode one : hardcore mock , Directly change the code logic . If (true) {} . advantage : Simple . shortcoming : Easy to forget , Cause Online bug

Mode two :Mock The platform is similar , advantage : No intrusion code , Simple . shortcoming : Rely on back-end services 、 Or buy a third party **

Mode three :Apifox Install the application locally , Large and complete functions .

Another try Just Mock

Just Mock It's a dedicated Web Project Mock Tools . You can use Just Mock To simulate the back-end response ( Used for front and rear end joint commissioning 、QA test 、PM check before acceptance 、 Online problem restoration and other scenarios ), Just install the browser plug-in to meet 90% Of Mock need .

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The plug-in USES

Official website address

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