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Ultra wideband pulse positioning scheme, UWB precise positioning technology, wireless indoor positioning application

2022-06-24 07:25:21Feirui Technology

Have you ever been in this situation , When navigating in the mall , Prompt navigation frequently GPS Weak signal , Because of the deviation of navigation , As a result, I can't find the place I want to go very smoothly .

This is due to the traditional positioning technology ( Such as GPS) The measurement accuracy is a few meters , Its reliability largely depends on its environment , The signal source is sensitive only in the open outdoor area , If in an indoor Mall , Underground parking lot and other relatively closed environment ,GPS There will be a weak signal .

therefore , The market needs more accurate indoor positioning technology , therefore , Ultra wideband technology (UWB) emerge as the times require .

UWB(Ultra Wide Band) Ultra wide band , Because of its unique physical characteristics , It has become the radio positioning technology with the highest positioning accuracy recognized in the industry .

We use it to find cars 、 Look for the goods 、 Find a shop 、 look for sb. , After parking, you don't need to take a picture to return by remembering the original road ; Automobile OEMs use it to do AVP Parking 、 Car call function ; Service robots use it to deliver goods to people . High precision indoor positioning technology will become a bridge technology for people to interact with the environment .

Have you ever struggled to find a specific product in a store ? Find a meeting room in the company ? Find friends in the crowd ? Or find a taxi waiting in line at the airport ?UWB It can accurately guide you to your destination , Will end all this unhappiness 、 Sometimes even a very stressful experience .

UWB Another area that may change the way we interact with the environment is seamless secure trading . for example , Public transport has made great progress in realizing convenient payment : Nowadays, you can usually pay by traffic card or mobile phone , Without using cash or tickets .

UWB Will make this process more convenient , More secure . Imagine going directly through the Metro gate without any operation .

UWB Technology interacts with cars , It can identify when the user approaches the car 、 Assist in unlocking doors 、 And control when to start the car , At the same time, make full use of UWB Technology to achieve some radar detection functions , It is used to detect the personnel in the vehicle , Especially for infants and young children , Open the trunk , Efficient and convenient .

UWB Technology interacts with home , Control smart home devices through mobile phones . The mobile phone can play music close to the smart speaker with built-in ultra wideband chip 、 Get personalized listening advice ; The room temperature of the air conditioner shall be adjusted according to the position of the personnel .

from UWB From the inherent characteristics , use UWB It can constitute a high-precision indoor positioning system , Achieve more accurate indoor positioning and distance measurement than other technologies , in the light of GPS Weak indoor signal , Can get a good solution .

UWB Technology with high transmission rate 、 High safety 、 Anti multipath ability 、 Strong real time 、 Low power consumption , It is the best scheme for indoor high-precision positioning .

take UWB Technology applied in smart phone field , This move , It's not just popular UWB technology , It also helps to promote automotive electronics , Retail transactions and smart home control 、 The rapid development of intelligent wearable devices and other fields , It can also improve people's living standards and quality .

UWB The birth of technology is a major innovation in the field of equipment , Predictably enough , In the future, more enterprises and products will adopt UWB technology , Not just smartphones 、 Wearable device 、 Smart home and other small objects , Interior space also requires a variety of location-based UWB infrastructure .

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