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Elementui used tabs to step on the pit

2022-06-24 07:26:50Mr. Nyes

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When I was working on a project recently , Used elementUI, But in use tabs You can't jump to other pages after the tag , And it gets stuck .
Only need to <el-tabs></el-tabs> On the outside <el-row></el-row> You can solve it

   <el-col :span="24">
        <el-tabs :stretch="true" v-model="activeName" @tab-click="handleClick" router>
             <el-tab-pane label=" I am a " name="first"></el-tab-pane>
             <el-tab-pane label=" I am a " name="second"></el-tab-pane>

That's the end of this issue , Thank you for reading ! Leave a message if you have any questions , Reply in time

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