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Front end and back end love and hate -- sequel

2022-06-24 07:51:32Shizhenzhen's grocery store

The front-end sister called me

I wrote an article last time , It describes the love and hate between the front end and the back end , After being on the hot list , I shared it with my circle of friends .

The result this week , I received a missed call from a former female front-end colleague …

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Look at this formation , Is it difficult to remember our previous experiences , The more you think about it, the more angry you are. You come to me to ask for my punishment ?

Then I called back ~~ I found that someone had dialed the wrong number , She said his husband's last name The history of , And my last name stone , Accidentally dialed the wrong number .

ok , Sure , I thought I was coming to quarrel with you , Ha ha ha ha , Then we had a friendly exchange ~

She said that for so many years , Technology is developing too fast , If we had good joint debugging tools at that time , It's not like quarreling every day !

Maybe because of frequent interaction , Pull into the relationship They cherish each other's hearts and minds ( Dog head protection )

Because I haven't written back-end for a long time , So she recommended to me the front and rear end joint debugging tools that are often used now

for instance EoLink "One-stop" work style API Productivity tools , I said I hadn't used , Is it easy to use? ?

She scolded me for being a bumpkin , Woodlouse Nothing , Or technical experts ? That's the level. …

I can't stand it ? I just learned how to catch , Then I put her on the ground !( This paragraph was made up by my brain )

That's ok , You said I wouldn't , I'll go and learn !!!

For several nights , I have to say ! It's really fragrant ~~ The function is all ready . Just listen to me .

Eolink It's really fragrant to shout

Eolink It's a combination of API Design 、 Document management 、 automated testing 、 monitor 、 One stop shop for R & D management and teamwork API Production platform , Also integrated Gitlab、Jenkins、 nailing 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Flying books and other platforms , Satisfy API All the functions of team collaboration and process automation . Let's take a look at this quietly rising domestic artifact , What does it look like !

at present SaaS The product is completely free , You can use it. web edition , You can also download the desktop ,Windows、Mac、Linux All platforms support !

Experience address :

I have prepared an introduction video , If you don't want to read pictures , You can also slide to the bottom of the article to watch the video .

1. DTDD: Document and Test Driven Development

Eolink The innovation of is to aim at API Pain points in R & D collaboration , Put forward : Document and Test Driven Development (DTDD), In a nutshell :

  1. Replace oral conventions and note taking documents with standard documents , Let's develop 、 test 、 Operation and maintenance 、 Collaboration has a track ;
  2. Quickly use test results to drive development progress , Give Way Better team communication 、 Management is based on facts , Achieve agile development .

This concept has been verified by a large number of users , Gradually formed the following API R & D testing process , Back end 、 front end 、 Testing and other teams are better integrated , Give Way API R & D and testing are more convenient 、 intelligence 、 Comprehensive and efficient

  1. Design API file

  2. Back end : Development Api

  3. front end : Development page

  4. front end : according to APi Documents are generated automatically Mock API For docking

  5. test : be based on Api Documentation API The test case

  6. automation : Automatically execute automated test cases when code is submitted , Elaborate large-scale regression tests and obtain reports

  7. Back end : The first construction uses the prepared API Test case verification API Logic

  8. front end : notes MockAPI Address to complete docking

  9. test : For modified API Build regression test

  10. test : Will pass the test API Test cases are organized into automated test cases

2. API R & D test ceiling

At present, there are many API R & D tools , but Eolink Still functioning depth 、 Breadth and user experience And so on , In particular, a large number of automation and intelligent improvements have been carried out for batch operation and repetitive work . In fact, whether a product has been polished carefully , How about the experience , I'll know as soon as I get started . Let's see Eolink Just how strong !

1. Support all types API Document management

No matter what language you use to develop , Whether it's HTTPS、Websocket、TCP、UDP Wait for what agreement , still Restful、SOAP、WebService Wait for what norms ,Eolink Can help the team quickly 、 Unified 、 Manage in a standardized way .

2. One click API test , Get through API Documentation and testing

Eolink You can launch a test with one click , Support automatic generation of test data , Can pass Javascript Code pair request message 、 Return results, etc. for encryption and decryption 、 Signature and other processing , Let cumbersome API The test becomes simple and smooth .

3. 0 Code automation testing , One click large-scale regression test

When API When something changes , It can be done with one click API regression testing , The system will automatically judge the returned results according to the rules and get the test report , Facilitate the team to quickly understand API The scope of the change , Can reduce more than 95% Test time for !

4. Powerful COOKIE management

In the test, you need Cookie Of API when ,Eolink Support in Cookie Add the required... In the management Cookie Information , The system will automatically store Cookie, Next time, test other domains with the same domain name API It will be passed automatically when Cookie Request parameters .

at present SaaS The product is completely free , You can use it. web edition , You can also download the desktop ,Windows、Mac、Linux All platforms support !

Experience address :

3. Super strong Mock API

The current interface management tools on the market will provide some Mock API Ability , and Eolink go further , Based on a large number of user research and market observation , Launch the strongest in the market Mock API Capability system .

Eolink Mock API Provide 2 Call mode : Simple and easy Mock and senior Mock. Simple and easy Mock Simple configuration , senior Mock In simple Mock On the basis of this, it has been strengthened , It can meet more complex scenarios .

Eolink Mock API Provide 5 Two intelligent configuration methods :

  1. Fixed value Mock To configure
  2. constraint condition Mock To configure
  3. Intelligent customization Mock To configure
  4. Smart built in Mock To configure
  5. overall situation Mock To configure

By virtue of the above 2 Two call modes and 5 Built in an intelligent configuration mode Mock API Capability system ,Eolink Provided Mock API Ability is one of the strongest on the surface .

Eolink Powerful Mock API Provide 2 Two call modes and 5 Two intelligent configuration methods

 Simple and easy Mock function , reduce Mock Rule writing pressure

Experience address :

4. Secret and easy-to-use small highlights

I also found Eolink Several hidden highlights , It's very delicious to use !

  1. API Change intelligence notification
  2. API Document comment function
  3. API Historical version comparison
  4. Scheduled test tasks
  5. Support data driven
  6. Project analysis report

Directly above , A look at will understand .

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When API In case of any change, relevant members will be informed automatically by mail and on-site letter , And has been with QQ Get through with Feishu

Directly in API Post comments on the document , The communication content will follow API Archive different versions of documents

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Eolink Support timed test tasks , Or will API Integration of automated test platform into Jenkins On , The implementation code submission triggers the test , Realize the automatic test of the project in the case of unattended , Completely liberate the labor force

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Through data-driven simulation of a variety of scenarios , Let's look at the implementation of scenario use cases , Avoid the test process runaway , Make the test case closer to reality

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Of course ,Eolink There's more to it , There are many highlights to explore .

at present SaaS The product is completely free , You can use it. web edition , You can also download the desktop ,Windows、Mac、Linux All platforms support !

Experience address :

5 . It is friendly to developers

Eolink except API management 、 Beyond automated testing services , It is also the first in the world API Life cycle management SaaS platform , Provide including API gateway 、API monitor 、API Automatic generation and other services .API-First The trend of The Times , Don't master API Life cycle management is easy to fall behind !

at present SaaS The product is completely free , You can use it. web edition , You can also download the desktop ,Windows、Mac、Linux All platforms support ! What's more , They also have open source products !

Experience address :

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