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Export markdown to HTML, PDF with browser

2022-06-24 08:26:40Qredsun

materiel :

  1. One copy markdown file :
     Concrete realization :
    3.  Add connection Association in the original text `<a href="#info">  Radar information </a>`
    4.  The link points to the position to increase the association relationship `<a id="info"> Radar information </a>`
     Examples of the original text :
    | Parameters | type | describe 
    |code|Int|__ Field description :__  Interface response status  <br> __ Value range :__ 0: success 
    |data|Object|__ Field description :__  Radar information  <br> __ Value range :__  Radar information object , Reference resources <a href="#info">  Radar information </a>
    |msg|String|__ Field description :__  Interface response information  <br> __ Value range :__  character string 
    * <a id="info"> Radar information </a>
  2. Firefox
  3. Markdown Viewer Webext Plug in Baidu download link Extraction code :7ba0

Specific steps :

  1. Open Firefox
  2. install Markdown Viewer Webext plug-in unit , Restart the browser after installation  Insert picture description here 4. Open with browser mardown file , Use the built-in function of the plug-in to save as HTML;
     Insert picture description here 5. Print using browser (ctrl+P) function , Save as PDF
     Insert picture description here

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