current position:Home>The salon for the first anniversary of the open source of oasis, an ant interactive graphics engine, is coming. On February 26, we will see you in the live studio!

The salon for the first anniversary of the open source of oasis, an ant interactive graphics engine, is coming. On February 26, we will see you in the live studio!

2022-06-24 08:38:03Ant richlab front end team

Oasis Engine( Hereinafter referred to as" Oasis) It's the ant group RichLab The open source self-developed interactive graphics engine of the interactive technology team , It is a high-performance mobile first Web Graphics engine .

Oasis The salon for the first anniversary of open source will be held on 2022 year 2 month 26 Japan 14:00 In Hangzhou, ants A Space hosting , We will meet you in the form of live broadcast .

This salon invited 7 Sharing guests , Including engine development 、 Business development 、 The designer 、 Professor of graphics in academia 、 Students from different fields such as the ByteDance team share their exploration and practice in the front-end interaction field , And the challenges and solutions .


Let's see 7 Sharing topics brought to us by sharing guests :

Oasis One year summary and future planning (14:20-14:50)

Sharing guests :

Dust ,Oasis Engine Architects

Share content :

Share Oasis In the past year, the engine features 、 Relevant progress in open source construction and ecological development . adopt Oasis Roadmap 2022 Disclose future plans and development routes , And publish the editor open plan

Meta cosmic Web3D Key technology research (14:50-15:20)

Sharing guests :

Professor jiajinyuan , Executive director of Chinese graphics society - Director of the network graphics special committee - Director of intelligent 3D Media Laboratory of Tongji University

Share content :

At present, the very popular meta universe as a new generation of Internet , Call for a virtual world where everyone can go online anytime, anywhere and create any form and scale , These appeals to Web3D The engine presents new challenges , Around these challenges, breakthroughs are needed Web3D Key technologies of big data online visualization . The team has worked hard for a long time and put forward a set of high efficiency 、 Low cost 、 Low energy consumption 、 High quality lightweight solutions :

  1. Lightweight and fine-grained preprocessing of massive virtual world scenes
  2. A network transmission scheduling mechanism that supports multiple people to share the virtual world online
  3. Massive Web3D Lightweight online high-quality rendering of complex scenes ), For the meta universe Web3D The research and development of the engine has made a preliminary technical foreshadowing
  4. Finally, discuss together Web3D The future direction of the engine

Oasis stay 2B Application and development in the field (15:20-15:50)

Sharing guests :

Shang Shu , Ali group -CBU Technology Department - Experience design team

Share content :

3D The engine is traditional 2B Business digitalization plays an increasingly important role in the process of transformation , Especially in the emerging XR field , stay XR Marketing and online XR From the perspective of service , 3D Engine has become an important weapon for enterprises to obtain the next generation of core competitiveness , This time we will share Oasis stay 2B Some application ideas in the field , And the huge value that the future will bring to the whole industry

Oasis stay AR Write the actual combat in blessing (15:50-16:20)

Sharing guests :

Tong Lun , Ph. D., Department of mathematics, Peking University ,Oasis Engine Core development

Share content :

Oasis Combined with small games AR Ability , This year's Wufu project , The most technologically sensitive products “ AR Write blessings in the air ”, Used in this project include PBR,InputManager,Lottie And so on . This sharing will focus on this project , Introduce the technical details in the specific implementation process , Exhibition Oasis At the same time of ability , discuss Oasis The future direction of development

Improve the output efficiency of art to the front end (16:30-17:00)

Sharing guests :

Ma Le ,UU Running errands - Head of efficiency engineering department

Share content :

Mainly share UU Running errands - The efficiency engineering department is based on Oasis Within the framework of , Research and exploration of innovative interaction . After a commercial project , Immediately launched a project aimed at the efficiency of art end-to-front delivery , Here we mainly share our use of Oasis Some insights in the process

Oasis & WebGL Self supporting design exploration (17:00-17:30)

Sharing guests :

Xushuai , Ali group - B2C retail - Experience designer , Like to explore technology & Experience designer of creative programming

Share content :

In proprietary business Most of the time, traditional marketing venues only use static diagrams 、GIF As the main tool to do creative expression , For designers , In this extremely restrictive scenario , Even if there is a wild idea , It will also be limited by the limitations of the means of expression ,WebGL Ability is an introduction , It can let designers have better tools to do better creative expression , And in the marketing venue , Present more intelligent animation interactive content

Small game engineering practice and thinking (17:30-18:00)

Sharing guests :

Zhouzexin , Bytes to beat - Senior front end Engineer

Share content :

With little games in byte Education 、 Online retailers 、 incentive 、 advertisement 、 More and more scenarios such as spring festival activities are applied , Business development is under increasing pressure , We guarantee the efficiency and quality by means of game engineering , So as to promote the healthy development of the business , This sharing focuses on the engineering practice and thinking of small games

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During the live broadcast , We have carefully prepared some gifts for you , welcome ,2.26 See you in the live studio ~

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