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Vue3+vite3 to develop Netease cloud music Day1 backend environment

2022-06-24 08:59:33Little girl

The whole project mainly introduces how to use VUE3+Vite3 The front frame , The back-end data is provided as open source NetEase cloud music API

1. Download and install the backend API 

1.1 Use it directly git Order cloning

 git clone [email protected]:Binaryify/NeteaseCloudMusicApi.git

This way to install , Generally unsuccessful , Because the server is in a foreign country , The download timeout... Will be displayed . for example

1.2 Get into gitHub The way of downloading from the warehouse is relatively fast

 1.3 Copy download address

1.4 open git perhaps PowerShell, Clone and download

 2. Netease cloud API After downloading successfully , Perform lazy installation

2.1 Use vs code Open the downloaded Netease cloud backend project , Press Ctrl+` Create a new terminal , Input instruction

npm install

 2.2 If during installation , This interface appears , According to the instructions it prompts , Input npm audit fix or npm audit fix --force

2.3 Then the lazy download is completed

2.4 Last input  node app.js , Netease cloud API The back end is running

These are operated according to the document , Many reference documents

Here's the picture , The backend runs successfully  

 2.5 visit 3000 port

  Reference video :VUE3 The latest and most practical project 2021 Course _ Bili, Bili _bilibili

notes : Don't spray if you don't like it , I just record the learning process , Together ' . 

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