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Cruise is now charging for its driverless ride service in San Francisco

2022-06-24 09:16:55Chinese industry information station

The company said , At present, most passengers in the Northwest District of San Francisco are charged for the driverless ride service . A company spokesman said ,Cruise Will continue to expand its paid services and align with the smoothest customer experience .

at present ,Cruise Provide a range of services , From riding in its driverless vehicle during the day and being driven by a safe driver to riding in its driverless vehicle at night .( The company is currently prohibited from providing ride services in driverless vehicles during the day ). since 2 Since the month ,Cruise Has been testing free driverless cars for the public in San Francisco .

ride Cruise The cost of driverless vehicles will vary according to the length of the journey and the time of the day . According to an example provided by the company , A customer rides 1.3 Miles of travel , except 5 Basic fee in US dollars and 1.5% In addition to the city tax , Every mile will have to pay 0.9 dollar 、 Pay every minute 0.4 dollar , A total of 8.72 dollar .( by comparison , ride Uber The same journey requires at least 10.41 dollar ).

Cruise Passengers are now allowed to carry a guest on their trip . The company's “Cruise--Driverless Rides ”iOS Applications are now available in Apple App Store Provide the invitation code to the passengers who have previously signed up for the public waiting list .

Driverless cars are still far from the universality and convenience of most bus services . However, progress in the provision of toll bus services is still noteworthy .Cruise It's not the first company to charge a fare ,Google 's derivatives Waymo It has charged for its driverless car in Phoenix, Arizona, and for driving it in San Francisco ( Driverless car with safe driver ) Charge . However, the company has not yet obtained final approval to charge passengers in its driverless vehicles .

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