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1 minute serverless quickly build a real website to lead the cat super card: scene experience of "rapidly build a zblog blog system"

2022-06-24 09:50:46Alibaba cloud cloud Lab

Introduction to the experience

The scenario will use Alibaba cloud functions to calculate ,Serverless Application Center ,NAS Let's show you 1 minute Serverless Build a personal website at top speed .

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For all programmers , The joy brought by the first successful establishment of the station is very profound . Whether the station can be successfully built , It is a key action for many programmers to mature . This experiment will build Z-Blog For example, blog , Let you feel the low cost of function calculation and website maintenance 、 No operation and maintenance 、 High availability, etc .Zblog Is a small and powerful based on Asp Platform Blog Program . It is very helpful for novices to operate , You can quickly build your own website .

Function calculation :
Function computing is an event driven fully managed computing service . Use functions to calculate , You don't need to purchase and manage infrastructure like servers , Just write and upload the code . Function calculation is ready for you to calculate resources , Run tasks flexibly and reliably , And provide log query 、 Performance monitoring, alarm and other functions . Function calculations help you avoid managing servers (Serverless), Just focusing on function code can quickly build applications . Function computation can scale elastically , You just have to pay by usage .

Serverless Application Center :
Alibaba cloud Serverless Application lifecycle management platform . adopt Serverless Application Center , Users do not need additional cloning before deploying the application 、 structure 、 Packaging and publishing operations , Quickly deploy and manage applications .Serverless The application center helps users quickly link the upstream and downstream services on the cloud , Easily precipitate best practices .

File store NAS:
File store NAS Is a large-scale shared access , Elastic expansion of high-performance cloud native distributed file system . Support intelligent hot and cold data layering , Effectively reduce data storage costs . It is widely used in enterprise application data sharing 、 Containers 、AI machine learning 、Web Services and content management 、 Application development and testing 、 Media and entertainment workflow 、 Database backup and so on .


Before experiencing this scene , You need to open the following services :

Function calculation FC:

Hard disk hanging NAS:

There is no cost in the construction process , For long-term use, please read function calculation carefully (FC) Cost of using resources , Avoid unexpected expenses ; For example, it is only for experience function without long-term use , Please follow the last deletion steps of the document , Delete immediately after deployment .

  1. Hard disk mount storage costs :
  2. Function to calculate the cost of using resources :

Create a blog

Enter the function calculation console :

Click the Apply button on the left :


notes : If you have used the application center before , After clicking apply, a page similar to the following appears :


At this time, you can click “ Create an ” Button to continue the process .

Click application / After creating the application , You can see the list of apps :


Choose “Zblog” that will do :


Choose Create now , Then choose direct deployment :


At this time, you also need to pay attention to the role name part on the page , for example :


At this time, you need to click to authorize , When the authorization is completed, you may be prompted :


You need to continue clicking to authorize :


When finished, click the Create button at the bottom of the page :


Wait a moment here , Wait for creation to complete , You can see the access domain name :


At this point, you can open the access domain name to Zblog initialization , First, read the agreement , And click agree , Go to the next step :


All the above contents have passed the test , There will be green checkmarks , At this point, you can click next :


choice SQLite database , And configure the site name and administrator information , And click next to complete initialization .


Wait a moment to see the result :

Now click finish , You can see the front page of the blog :img

Now click finish , You can see the front page of the blog :


Add a path after your domain name :/zb_system/login.php Is the management address , for example :


Enter the administrator account and password just configured , You can enter the background of personal blog management , Start your own blog journey .

Train of thought expansion

Alibaba cloud Serverless Application Center , except Zblog outside , also Wordpress Etc. blog system , You can experience it by yourself :


# Filing options function Calculation

Purchase function calculation instance resource use package , The minimum 100 You can get ICP Filing service code ( If you buy from mainland China ( mainland ) To build and provide web services , Before opening the website, you need to ICP Keep on record .)

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