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How to turn on the wireless screen mirroring function in win7

2022-08-06 16:56:43nginx

Because the screen size of my computer is too small,Sometimes watching movies is very uncomfortable,It also hurts the eyes very much.So I came up with an idea,I want to cast my computer screen to the TV.After trying many ways,I also successfully opened itwin7wireless screen projection function,Enjoy a bigger screen.For the benefit of the majority of users,I show the method below,Help more friends to successfully cast screen.
win7How to turn on wireless screencasting
1、First make sure that the TV and the computer are in the same local area network,Or connected to the same wireless network.
2、Click on the Start menu bar,点击“控制面板”;





7、After the home network is set up,打开“windows media player”,在“媒体流”Check the options below.

注意:电脑是win7系统的话,Because there is no screen projection software that comes with the systemmiracast,Therefore, it is necessary to use third-party screen projection software.例如 乐播投屏Dolphin starry sky projection screenAll of them can mirror the computer screen to Android system or TV.
win7How to wire cast TV
1、首先使用HDMI线连接win11computer and TVHDMI接口;

2、Open settings on your TV,Change the source to HDMI;

3、在电脑上按下 Windows+POpen projection settings,选择复制即可.

注意:If not on the TVHDMI接口,Other video signal transmission interfaces can be selected,例如VGA接口,可以使用VGAThe signal interface is directly transmitted,也可以将VGA转换为HDMIThe interface transmits video signals.
以上就是小编今天为大家带来的win7How to turn on the wireless screencasting function andwin7Project the entire content to the TV,希望能够帮助到大家.
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