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Win7 and win10 which takes up less resources Win7 and win10 take up resources in detail

2022-08-06 16:57:59nginx

Win7 is a relatively classic operating system, stability and security are guaranteed, andwin10 is a relatively new system with superior performance, so which of the two systems occupies less resources? I believe this is a lot of smallIf you are curious about it, the editor below will give you a detailed introduction to which one of win7 and win10 takes up less resources. After reading it, you will consider which system to install.
Which takes up less resources between win7 and win10
First, the official configuration requirements of win10: the same as Windows7
Before we study the configuration requirements of Windows 10, let's take a look at the configuration requirements of Windows 10 given by Microsoft, and what are the differences with the previous Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Seeing the configuration requirements of Win10, the performance requirements of the latest Windows10 are actually the same as the officially released Win7 5 years ago, and the hard disk usage is even slightly lower than that of the Win8 system.That is to say, in theory, if the existing platform can run Windows 7 smoothly, then it is not a big problem to run Windows 10 smoothly.Moreover, the Window10 system has not significantly improved the memory requirements.
Second, in terms of hard disk space occupation, the hard disk space occupied by the Win10 system has indeed increased to a certain extent.There is no absolute, only relative statement. Generally speaking, WIN10 occupies more resources.

For the following reasons:
1. Win10 can actually be regarded as a fusion and upgraded version of Win7 and Win8. Win10 solves the embarrassment of Win8 without a start menu. The returned start menu is very similar to Win7, and has been improved and upgraded, adding the patch function.In addition, the Win10 interface incorporates the exquisite features of Win8, and still maintains the start screen interface, which can be easily used on touch devices or tablet computers.
2. In addition, Win10 also adopts a new compression technology, which saves more space than Win7. In addition, Win10 also has the latest directx 12 built-in, which can bring a better gaming experience.
Three, performance experience: Windows10 performance requirements are slightly higher

By comparison, it can be seen that in the test, the performance of Windows 10 system in most projects lags behind Windows 7 system, indicating that Windows 10 system has higher performance requirements than Windows 7.However, the lag behind the Windows system test scores is not large, and the impact on actual use is minimal, and it may not be felt at all.
Summary:In terms of memory usage that users are more concerned about, the memory usage of win10 is relatively higher than that of win7.The Windows 10 system actually requires a slight increase in PC performance. Fortunately, the increase in demand is not large, and the impact on the user experience is not obvious.It can be said that as long as a PC that can run Windows 7 smoothly, there is definitely no problem with running Windows 10. There is no need to upgrade the configuration at all, and a seamless upgrade can be achieved.
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The above is what the editor brought to you today, which one of win7 and win10 occupies less resources and the detailed explanation of the resources that win7 and win10 occupy. I hope it can help you.
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