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Nginx + PHP environment site error row beginning to remember

2022-09-23 06:53:01You Siyuying

Summary of the problem

The domain name of the website has been resolved and can be pinged, and the time can be accessed with a browser

Enter the server to check the nginx status

Found that the service was stopped, start the service

Refresh the webpage to report 403 (no permission) access and view the nginx log file

So go to nginx.conf and delete the duplicate domain name.restart nginx

Refresh the web page again, but also report an error 403, check the log

I can't understand it, I can't find a reliable answer from Baidu search for a long time

Simply delete this configuration item, restart nginx, refresh the page, and the page will open normally.

Who knows why this error is reported, "unknown directive "UseCanonicalName"" welcome to leave a message.

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