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How to realize a whole set of exam answer sheets and score sheets with JavaScripte and HTML

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< div> believe that you have such experience, in school near the examination, be crazy "recite" otherwise transcript is odd, because the sheet all is wrong.So many years of graduation, you have no the test, if there is any missing the coated sheet, ever wondered how to make this sheet, record table exactly how to customize the dynamically generated for each classmate.These are credited to "report" tools school transcript printed every year a lot of students, often because of the new curriculum and teaching system, lead to the desired result is complex and changeful.Then how to use a tool can flexible manufacture all kinds of reports, in the face of changing scene < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> above is that we made a sheet report, and it can be according to the number of students bulk loading student information data, and then directly generated and for us to print.That his advantage is obvious, their own design sheet, topic and topic quantity can oneself to choose, flexible, and can update according to different topic.Can also add a lot of default data, after all, their own design printing certainly cheaper than buying it.Make your own report difficulty?Some people might want to say that they do is very troublesome, and will not use, to learn is also with difficulty.Small make up can confidently say, as the hand residual party I can also be made soon, but the cap is very high, the use of more in-depth, certainly is also the more experience, when you make more, also can focus on more features, is not only making displayed, look better and more versatile is our pursuit.Like the following statements, only need a simple steps can be achieved.And the effect is good.< / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< h5> actual start < / h5>< div> first of all, we had to design the corresponding statements, the following is the overall design of the report interface: < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> on the left side is that we need to use the components, also is the element, design reports need, according to the middle is the most the right side can control some of the properties Settings and specify the data.This watch is very clear, we actually simple drag and drop can be achieved by need report design, simple and convenient, design good after can download can be derived.Light said the affirmation is not enough, then directly on the instance: < / div>< h4> graduation information table < / h4>< div> when we graduated from different school of statistical information, may need to check the data from the system according to then take out, after in their calculations required data, then the bit by bit to write in the Excel table, especially when the data points, our staff would make all day because of a table.Make the pain of the Excel table, after all, you should know, how to achieve that by wyn products, hand remnants of welfare: only need simple binding of data, and then drag to show directly to the page, and then write a few expression.Done, would have a day of work, now a few hours with respect to OK, whether very temptation.We can see the following two figures, the first is the design of interface, the second is the preview results.< / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> that's right, is the simple binding so a few columns of data, and then he will be based on our data source to automatic calculation, some data automatic extension line display.Is very simple.< / div>< h4> sheet < / h4>< div> sheet like we have seen above, then, that someone asked, we students are too many people ah, maybe I'm not really a one design, even if just copy and paste all the time, is also very time consuming.That in how to solve, very simple here as long as good binding data, set up according to the grouping of people, he is automatically loaded all the students, but also for the corresponding information corresponding to come over, this time we can batch printing, printing and different students show different information.This scenario can also be applied in many scenarios, such as printing the student's admission ticket, student transcripts, etc., are need to batch print, the use of this product can achieve the same template batch printing.< / div>< h4> student transcript < / h4>< div> in addition to the use of teachers, of course, there are students, just like we are the most common transcripts so what we need is different for different students report card, that there is a demand is that different students to see different information, query their own report card, print your transcript, it is like when in a filter, the variable and the different courses, are often complex.Different students information, that this time it is got a headache, so use wyn products can design a unified style, then we pass parameters selection, screening out their information, such as by student number query our own transcripts, can be achieved as follows: < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< h4> project practical < / h4>< div> next to everyone to share some dry, how to use controls ARJS front-end statements by drag drag university performance table design.1、首先我们来解析下这张报表该表主要分为三个部分:表头:也是就是学生基础信息,包括学习:姓名、学院、专业、学号、班级、学历、毕业证号



2、 After break up this form, you can according to actual needs to report the design of the first to report to add the header and footer, header in the text box to set the header to display the information of headers and footers footer display design through text box content areas, among the first to use the form controls, the control group, and then use form binding data grouping conditions according to the data field and semesters grouping, < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> detail content is three the same module, which is in a content area three same area.It can use the report column attribute of the field to set, < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> 3, & have spentFinal design good report design style < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> 4, & have spentThe final preview results: < / div>< br>< img SRC="/ /" Alt=null loading=lazy>< br>< div> 5, & have spentReport template < / div>< br>< code> believe to be able to see the friend is certainly here, here we offer you the template can try more.< br />< / code>< br>< div> template download: = viewthread&Tid = 152591 & amp;Extra = page % 3 d1 < / div>

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