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Response. Breaking the situation in 2022, Hezhong Zhida Chasing Dreams. Fearless

2022-11-24 18:33:09HZZD_HZZD

Recently, an article by Ren Zhengfei about "The whole company's business policy should shift from pursuing scale to pursuing profit and cash flow" was launched on Huawei's internal forum, which instantly detonated the entire circle of friends, and the cold air hit the face.

Ren Zhengfei judged that the next ten years of the global economy should be a very painful historical period, and the global economy will continue to decline.This will put market pressure on Huawei.

"Taking survival as the most important program, the fringe business has shrunk and closed across the board, passing the chill to everyone."

A grain of ashes in the era may be a mountain if it falls on an individual, but we are in a dusty era.

The XG epidemic in the year of Gengzi in 2019 lasted until 2022 in a blink of an eye. YQ still looked forward to the end of YQ from the beginning, and gradually got used to coexisting with YQ.

YQ is like a butterfly with lightly dancing wings in South America, which can bring a hurricane at any time. These silent storms roll up the sands of the times and fall on every enterprise and every head.All above is a mountain.

We are facing major changes unseen in a century, trade wars, continuous wars, unpredictable situation in the Taiwan Strait, more complex and changeable international business environment, more and more enterprises in the industry are exporting to domestic sales, and the domestic market is becoming moreInvolve.The entire real estate industry is in a downturn, with frequent thunderstorms and a sharp drop in demand. This is more than just the sand rolled up by the times, falling on every enterprise is like a mountain.

Huawei still wants to survive as the main program, shrinking and closing all marginal businesses, and passing the cold to everyone.Hezhongzhida's emergency response broke the situation, and Ren Zhengfei said, "We have nowhere to go except victory."

Compared with the times, we can only be the mayflies that shake the tree. In 2022, Hezhong Zhida will pursue dreams without fear and go against the current.The boss is very bitter, the employees are very bitter, but only in this way can the enterprise survive.We need to focus more on valuable customers in the market, adhere to the high-quality line to make good products, and serve every customer well.

When the challenge comes, earnest practice is the best language of this era.We have successively won bids for a number of power grid and smart water software platform projects; smart park energy solutions, smart meters, and smart water meters have successfully won the bids for SF Holding, China Shipping, Xinghe, Genzon and other industry benchmark customers.

To gain the trust and recognition of customers, we know that product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and making a good product requires continuous investment.Nothing is easy to do better than the competition, but nothing is difficult if you keep at it.We never think of any "shortcuts" in making high-quality goods. Our only "shortcut" is to insist on long-termism.

Challenges and opportunities always come from the same root.

Don't be afraid of adversity, stick to it.

Don't get stuck!

Don't worry about it!

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